The basic rules of beauty after entering the forties

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April 2, 2017
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To keep beauty and youthful appearance in mature age, we bring five simple and practical tips to help you with that.

Healthy diet

Your body, skin, hair and nails will be grateful for that. Proper nutrition includes lots of fruits and vegetables, as well as water. Some foods should come from domestic, natural cultivation. Many will think it’s easier said than done, and that’s true, but you deserve it. You will notice the change for better when it comes to skin and hair because you will feed them with the necessary materials.

Sun protection

If you have sunk for years or went to the solarium, it would be a good thing to stop doing it. In addition to getting wrinkles prematurely, there is a risk of getting skin cancer. Use protective facade products (at least 30), ‘play’ with hats and sunglasses. Carry with a protective factor in a bag or in a car, and apply it several times a day.

Facial care

This must become your routine. So, cleansing the face and applying moisturizing cream before bed and in the morning let them become the rule. Women often find themselves going to sleep without having previously removed their makeup, especially if they had a weary and exhausting day. Therefore, let your wet wipes always be on the nightstand, at your fingertips. The wet wipes will not thoroughly clean the face, but it’s better than falling asleep with powder, blush and mascara. Makeup closes the pores and drains the skin. It’s important that you go to bed clean and fresh. Apply in the morning moisturizing cream, preferably with a protective factor, and in addition to the face, grease the neck and hands with it.

Less is more

If you liked strong makeup, now is the time to ‘loosen’ a bit. Namely, often too many makeup can create an impression that you are older than you really are. Take care of the ten and nourish the face. When you have a good tan and well-groomed skin, often only mascara is enough that will further enhance the impression.

Start inside

With proper nutrition and sun protection, turn on exercises. Let the endorphins circulate and ‘do their’. There is nothing more appealing than a relaxed expression of a face and a smile.

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