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July 15, 2017
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December 15, 2017
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At the time when we present a variety of care products, and from the amount of choices we do not know what we would choose before, it may be the wisest to return to the classics, the one that was used even in the time of antiquity, which, today, in addition to all modern pomada, has survived in the world cosmetic products, for a justifiable reason, of course.

The use of rose water in cosmetics is not a novel that we connect exclusively with modern times. On the contrary, the old Romans still used water for washing and added rose petals and enjoyed their beneficial effect.

Today, a wide range of rosé products are offered on the market, and we decided to concentrate on those that consist exclusively of vodka rose.

In case you are not sure how it works and if you should put it in your beauty routine, we will try to help you with certain concerns.

It calms the skin
This is probably the most common reason why we choose to use products with rose water. Namely, it soothes the skin and acts contaminatingly, which is why you will find it among the main ingredients of numerous tonics.

Bath additive
If you belong to those who enjoy long baths, you can spice up the bath next with a little rose water. It will positively affect the skin of the whole body, and it will smell completely irresistible.

Face mask
Those who tried to prepare home facial masks know very well that they can be as good as those shopping. One of the great ingredients for home-care masks is exactly the lipstick of vodka. Namely, you can not make a mistake with a guillotine. Try to add it to your favorite combination of ingredients and pay attention to the results.

Facial cleansing
An ideal natural compound for nigga faces is coconut oil with the addition of rose water, place a few drops of both products on the tufa and clean your face. In this way, your face will be additionally cheated and free of potential irritation.

It works against stress
If you have trouble sleeping, or just want to sink into the dream even more easily and better, sprinkle a little water rose on the cushion. You will feel a mild smell even in the morning, and you will feel the benefits of this type of aromatherapy at the beginning of the day.

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