5 things about depilation that the beautician will not tell you

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February 22, 2017
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In order not to be mistaken, it is important that you know absolutely all the facts about the depilation that beauticians often hide …

Every woman would expect that the person who sees at one of the most preoccupant moments in her life will sympathize with her and help her to go through that ‘crisis’ without any pain.

Still, you would be surprised how many things of the beautician hide from us.

# They deliberately rush
Unlike manicure, facial cleansing or massage, depilation is one of the treatments that cosmeticians deliberately roam. The fact is that depilation is not a painless treatment, so everyone is aiming to finish as soon as possible. There is not even a key factor in the experience of the person who deprives you. If you feel it should be gentler, immediately emphasize it.

# Not all beauticians are educated
In beauty salons specializing in depilation, the rule is that all cosmeticians must undergo special education. However, in many lounges, very often trainees do not have experience or learn at you. There are two questions that will tell you the truth about whether a salon is a good choice for you: ‘How long have you been doing with depilation?’ And ‘How much depilation do you do daily?’

# When is the best time for depilation
Our body has its own biorhythm, so experts have calculated that the best time for depilation is mid morning, mid afternoon, weekend and Monday.

# There are ways to reduce pain
Do not wait too long between scheduled appointments. The longer you wait, the hairs will be longer and denser, which means more pain. If you have very sensitive skin, consult a dermatologist – you may need a product to reduce pain that you can drink before the treatment. Also, do not schedule depilation a week before the menstrual cycle because you are more sensitive to pain and your hair grows faster!

# The right time for ‘Brazil’
If you are one of those brave women who go to the Brazilian waxing ‘peace of cake’, you are every honor! However, most women consider this depilation very painful. The biggest mistake they make is that they come to the treatment in tight pants. Since the wax opens the pores and causes the increased sensitivity of the skin, tight clothing will further exacerbate the skin and cause greater problems.

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